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About the SLP

Our forerunner, the original Socialist Labour Party, was formed in 1903 by Scottish socialists who wanted a party allied to workers in struggle. In May 1996, at its first congress at Camden Town Hall in London, the SLP was re launched by leading trades unionists and campaign activists.

The re-establishment of the party came a year after Tony Blair's 'New' Labour abandoned any commitment to progressive change for socialism in Britain. The principles of the SLP are summarised in clause four of it's constitution, to 'secure for the people a full return' for the wealth and services they generate.

However, like it's predecessor, the SLP is far more than a reaction to developments in the Labour Party. It is the political heir of the resistance over the past four decades to the increasingly ruthless free market offensive.

In particular the SLP draws unashamedly on the political example of the miner's strikes of 1972-3 and 1984-5 and of the solidarity they inspired in all sections of British society.

LOCAL ELECTIONS 2017 ... for our candidates see REGIONS

GENERAL ELECTION 2017 ... to donate send cheques/POs payable to 'Socialist Labour Party' to SLP, PO Box 193, Liverpool, L38 0WX

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Unlike the 'mainstream' parties Socialist Labour does not have powerful multi millionaire backers. We rely on donations from our members and ordinary working people who support the party's policies and aims. Cheques or Postal Orders made payable to 'Socialist Labour Party' may be sent to the SLP, PO Box 193, Liverpool, L38 0WX. We are grateful for all contributions.

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