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The Socialist Labour Party - An Introduction

The Socialist Labour Party was launched at its first congress on 1 May 1996. It was initiated by leading trade unionists and campaign activists following the final abandonment by Tony Blair's New Labour of any commitment to progressive change for socialism in Britain. However, the Party represents far more than just a reaction to developments in the Labour Party. The SLP aims to build on the heritage of all the movements of resistance to the free-market offensive in Britain over the past two decades. In particular, it is the political heir of the year-long miner's strike of 1984-5 and the tremendous movement of solidarity it inspired in all sections of British society.

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Unlike the Labour, Tory and Liberal Democrat parties the Socialist Labour Party does not have powerful multi millionaire backers, but relies upon donations from it's members and ordinary working people who support the party's policies and aims. The party needs funds to continue and develop the campaign for a socialist Britain. If you wish to donate to the Party's fighting fund then you can do so by sending a cheque/postal order to: General Secretary, Socialist Labour Party, PO Box 193 Liverpool L38 0WX. Cheques to be made payable to "Socialist Labour Party". if you wish to contribute on a regular basis please request a direct debit form.