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The policies outlined in this Manifesto deal with the injustices and inequalities that people currently face in our society. They are not, and cannot be, a long-term or permanent solution to a system where a small section of society feeds off the majority - inevitably creating crisis after crisis with devastating effect on human lives.

The solution lies in abolishing capitalism and replacing it with a Socialist system whose institutions represent the people as a whole, and which are democratically controlled by and accountable to them.

We want to secure for the people a full return of all the wealth generated by Britain's industries and services on the basis of common and social ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange.

We are committed to establishing the most equitable distribution of that wealth, ensuring a free health service at the time of need and upon demand, together with a free education system available to all.

Our Party is committed to freedom of assembly, movement, speech and association, and to promoting and protecting an environment in which the Earth's resources are properly used - not just for human beings but for all other forms of life.

Our demands most moderate are - we only want the Earth.