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ARTHUR SCARGILL President of the International Energy and Mineworkers Organisation (IEMO) and Leader of the Socialist Labour Party (SLP) welcomes the decision by the National Union of Mineworkers South Africa (NUMSA) to resign as an affiliate to the ANC, an organisation which does not represent the socialist aspirations of workers in South Africa.

Mr. Scargill urges the NUMSA to take the next step and affiliate to the IEMO and become a sister party to the SLP in Britain which stands for the same aspirations as do socialists all over the world.

Arthur Scargill

President of the IEMO

Leader of the Socialist Labour Party


The National Executive Committee of the Socialist Labour Party condemns without reservation the latest massacre in Gaza by the Israeli Army.

The SLP rejects the corporate narrative that says western powers are entitled to dominate, destabilize or destroy sovereign states while calling those resisting occupation or oppression ‘terrorists’.

Israeli violence against Palestine, including bombing, occupation, assassination, kidnapping and blockade are routine. Flowing from its colonial heritage and values, Israel needs to contain permanently the aspirations of the Palestinian people which it does not see as the equal of its own.

We do not therefore regard the current assault on the territory as ‘provoked’.

We hold the western powers ultimately responsible for the crimes committed historically against the Palestinian people and against the peoples of neighbouring states by their proxy, Israel.

We call upon the community of independent states to unite in support of the principle of self determination which applies without discrimination to the people of Palestine as a whole including those displaced.

National Executive Committee Socialist Labour Party 29th July 2014

02.03.14 - SLP announces Welsh Candidates for the European Election.

The SLP is pleased to announce that on Saturday 1st March SLP Wales selected the four candidates that will stand on the Candidate List for the European Parliamentary Election on May 22nd.

The four candidates are, and will appear on the Candidate List, as follows -

1. Andrew Jordan, 2. Kathrine Jones, 3. David Lloyd Jones, 4. Liz Screen.

28.02.14 - SLP Statement - Party Welcomes Councillor Jim McDermott.

Our warmest welcome is extended to Councillor Jim McDermott who has joined the SLP after resigning from Labour.

Jim, who has represented the Eastbury ward of Barking and Dagenham since 2006, tells us he feels the Labour Party in Barking has over many years been taken over by people ‘following a different political agenda’ not consistent with the principles he believed the party represented when he joined it fifty years ago.

As an SLP councillor we believe Jim will be free to speak out more openly in support of the interests and needs of his electors as indeed it is his wish to do.

His actions demonstrate integrity, and a concern for the benefit of others over self which is rare in politics these days.

If you share the concerns of Jim McDermott and many others, who are disgusted by the brutal capitalism that is scarring our society and our world, take the first step. Join Us!

Kim Singleton, SLP General Secretary.

13.02.14 - Venezuela.

The Socialist Labour Party notes with alarm the current violent disorder in Venezuela.

The SLP views the latest disturbances as a further attempt by Venezuela’s foreign backed opposition to subvert the Venezuelan state and the democratic will of its people.

In a number of countries we have seen unrepresentative elements or elites empowered by the backing or expected support of aggressor states in the west.

The result has been civil war, an escalation of bloodshed or the fragmentation of the national state and civil infrastructure.

For many oppressed peoples around the world, the Bolivarian revolution is an inspiration. It is essential that the progressive state of Venezuela does not become another victim.

The SLP calls for the unequivocal rejection by all democratic forces of ‘La Salida’ and the isolation of all elements inside Venezuela who are committed to or colluding in the plan to bring about the overthrow of its government.

Dr Kim Singleton, General Secretary. On behalf of the Socialist Labour Party

20.07.13 - Ghadar Party Centenary Celebration 2013.

On the centenary of the founding of the Ghadar movement, the Socialist Labour Party extends its comradely greetings and friendship to the Indian Workers Association.

As workers across the world continue to defy the inhuman imperial system, we think today of the sacrifices made by the Ghadar fighters and of the terrible loss of the lives of tens of millions of Indian workers under British occupation. Resistance must be followed by a revolution in the governance of our world. These are the inspirational ideals of Ghadar. While often we mourn, we celebrate and remember the extraordinary triumphs those ideals inspired.

07.03.13 - Socialists in the UK Mourn the Loss of Hugo Chavez.

Following the announcement on 5th March of the death of Venezuelan President, Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias, Britain’s Socialist Labour Party has joined anti-capitalist parties and campaigners around the world in expressing its sorrow at the news and its support for the Bolivarian revolution initiated by Mr Chavez government.

SLP President, Andrew Jordan, said that ‘during the course of his presidency, the policies of the Chavez government lifted millions of Venezuelans out of poverty, a transformation in the life of a nation which’ he said ‘could never happen in countries governed by free market economic polices. The Bolivarian revolution’ he continued ‘has ensured that the profits of the country’s oil wealth are enjoyed by its people’.

The party’s General Secretary, Kim Singleton, added that the revolution ‘was changing the fortunes of the South American continent. In offering its oil at fair prices to countries without economic or military muscle Venezuela has shown us a vision not only of a new society but of a better world’. In ‘asserting the sovereignty of its nation states, the revolution’ she said ‘was leading Latin America away from decades of dependency and powerlessness’. ‘

On behalf of the Socialist Labour Party’ said Mr Jordan, ‘I offer my heartfelt condolences to Mr Chavez family and friends and to the Venezuelan people at this time. I re-iterate once again our party’s wholehearted support for the values of the Bolivarian revolution and our firm belief that its ideas and example will continue and flourish’.

18.02.13 - Socialist Labour Party to contest the 2014 European Parliamentary Election.

The Socialist Labour Party (SLP) has today announced its intention to contest the next European Parliamentary Election which will take place in June 2014. The SLP is the only party on the 'left' that has regularly contested elections at all levels since its launch in 1996. The Party has contested two previous European Parliamentary elections, in 1999 and 2009, seeing the number of votes it received double between these two elections. The SLP is launching a campaign to raise £65,000 to contest the election across the length of Britain.

Speaking today Andrew Jordan, SLP President, said "The Socialist Labour Party is totally committed to Britain's complete withdrawal from the European Union (EU). Withdrawal is the only way Britain can begin to regain control of its economy, sovereignty and political powers."

Jordan also said "In recent years we have seen the true objective of the EU become clear. The 'free movement of capital and labour' between EU member states has allowed industry to flood out of Britain to chase, and exploit, the lowest wages across Europe and at the same time we have seen the uncontrollable economic migration between EU member states lead to a stagnation of the minimum wage here. This is having a serious impact on communities across Britain with rising un- and under-employment which, when coupled with a minimum wage that is decreasing in value, is leading more and more families into an increasingly desperate situation. The EU exists to benefit big business and not ordinary working people."

Also commenting on the announcement today Arthur Scargill, SLP Leader, said "People across Britain are facing an increasingly desperate situation. By contesting this election the Socialist Labour Party will give every voter in Britain the opportunity to vote for the alternative to the economic agenda imposed upon us by the European Union and the 'main' three parties in Westminster. We will be asking people in this election to vote us in to get us out of the EU."

29.01.13 - Dr Kim Singleton announced as new SLP General Secretary.

kim singleton slp general secretary New SLP General Secretary Dr Kim Singleton.

The Party are pleased to announce that Dr. Kim Singleton has been appointed as the new General Secretary. She steps into the post recently vacated as a result of the retirement from the position of Robert Faraday (who continues as Barnsley area Secretary). We are very grateful to Robert for his excellent, professional work whilst in the post.

Liverpool born Kim has an impressive pedigree as shown by the fact that even at the age of 8 she was helping her parents organise a rent strike! She currently lives in Merseyside with her partner of 19 years. She has been a community support worker and trainer and has been active in workers movement and anti-war struggles for many years. At the 2010 General Election, she stood as the Party’s candidate for Liverpool Wavertree constituency. Kim has studied history, literature, media and sociology at her local universities and is the author of a study of rent strikes on Merseyside between 1968 and 1973. We all wish Kim well in her new role as the Party goes from strength to strength.

14.01.13 - SOCIALIST LABOUR PARTY AFFILIATES TO CAEF (Campaign Against Euro-Federalism).

Commenting SLP President Andrew Jordan said "The SLP is totally committed to Britain's complete withdrawal from the European Union - withdrawal is the only way Britain can begin to regain control of its economy, sovereignty and political powers." Jordan re-iterated that it is SLP policy to work with like-minded organisations, such as CAEF, to achieve common goals and called upon all other labour movement organisations to affiliate to the campaign.

Warmly thanking the SLP for their affiliation and call for all labour movement organisations to do likewise, CAEF Secretary John Boyd urged the entire movement to immediately prioritise the reversal of the 1988 Jack Delors/Congress House T.U.Congress `social europe` con-trick, that had confused and entangled the movement for a generation into this wholly disastrous EU neo-liberal project.

09.11.12 - The Co-operative becomes the first UK retailer to launch protected Christmas savings scheme.

The Co-operative Group is to become the first UK retailer to launch a Christmas savings scheme trust, setting a new benchmark in consumer protection following the Farepak collapse.

The new Co-operative scheme, which will be launched in the New Year, will see the implementation of a specifically created trust, giving consumers even greater protection for their Christmas savings.  Full details of the scheme will be provided at the time of launch.

Thousands of Co-operative food shoppers save for Christmas by buying £1 stamps during the year which they can cash in when they do their festive shopping.  Customers who buy stamps before the new scheme comes into effect, will be able to redeem them as normal.

The Co-operative, which has been working closely with representatives of the Farepak Victims Committee, set up after the Christmas club collapsed in 2006, believes the scheme will set a new standard for other businesses to follow.

The collapse of Farepak in 2006 led to nearly 120,000 people, many from low-income households, losing on average £400 each.  Since then both the Office of Fair Trading, through its report on the Farepak debacle, and the Farepak Victims Committee have called upon all businesses operating in this area to improve consumer protection and confidence in such schemes.

Martyn Wates, Deputy Chief Executive of The Co-operative Group, commented: "The memory and impact of Farepak's demise is still felt by many households within the UK.  Members of the Farepak Victms Committee have, to their enormous credit, kept the issue of consumer protection alive and I am delighted that, as the UK's biggest consumer-owned business, we have been able to respond in this way.

"Our pioneering approach will give our customers added peace of mind and will set a standard for other businesses to follow".

Deb Harvey, Secretary of the Farepak Victims Committee, commented: "By putting this new scheme in place, the Co-operative Group really is underlining its care for communities.  Both myself and my partner, Louise McDaid, who is committee Chairman, have been working closely with the Group to bring the scheme to fruition and we are overjoyed at the announcement.  We have been campaigning for six years because, as former customers and agents, we know only too well of the heartache caused by the Farepak collapse.  This is a massive step in the right direction and demonstrates how the Co-operative is putting the customer at the heart of its business".

02.08.12 - President to stand in Cardiff South and Penarth by-election.

Socialist Labour Party President, and former resident of Cardiff South and Penarth, Andrew Jordan has been selected as the SLP candidate for the Cardiff South and Penarth by-election which is due to take place later this year.

Speaking about the announcement Jordan, who holds the second highest position in the SLP behind that of Party Leader Arthur Scargill, said that "It was an honour to be selected to contest the seat" and that as a former local resident he "Would contest the election to challenge the issues which face the people of Cardiff South and Penarth".

The 24 year old, who headed the SLP's list of candidates in the South Wales Central Region at last year's Welsh Assembly Elections when the Party trebled its support, said that "The people of Cardiff South and Penarth, have been let down both in Cardiff Bay and Westminster by the main four parties who have allowed a lack of investment in community health provision and pockets of deprivation within the constituency to exist." He added that "If elected I will challenge these issues as well as the issues which face people across the whole of Wales, and in particular our young people, issues such as the £600 per pupil funding gap between English and Welsh pupils which has been allowed to exist to the detriment of the Welsh education system and economy." Stating that "The people of Cardiff South and Penarth deserve and need an MP who will speak up for them and not one which will just tow the party line."

slp president andrew jordan