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The Party's basic aims are set out in clause 4 of its Constitution:

• To organise and maintain a political Party to represent the policies of the Party.

• To co-operate with trade unions and other kindred organisations, in joint political or other action in harmony with the Party Constitution and Standing Orders.

• To abolish Capitalism and replace it with a Socialist system whose institutions represent and are democratically controlled by and accountable to the people as a whole.

• To secure for the people a full return of all wealth generated by the industries and services of our nation on the basis of common/social ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange of each industry and service and to implement the most effective system of administration, control and accountability of each industry and service by the people.

• To establish a voting system based upon Proportional Representation which ensures that democratic, Socialist principles are part of the electoral, representative process at all levels.

• To establish the most equitable distribution of the wealth generated by industries and services, ensuring full employment, a free National Health Service and an education system available to all on demand with adequate provision for all, in particular the elderly and young in our society.

• To establish that occupational pension funds are controlled by employees who contribute and beneficiaries who benefit from them.

• To promote the right to freedom of assembly, movement, speech and association, and to enshrine in law the words and principles of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and International Labour Organisation Conventions.

• To abolish the unelected, undemocratic House of Lords and introduce a democratically elected Head of State.

• To promote and establish a clean, healthy, safe environment in which the resources of the Earth are used to enhance the well-being of humans and of all forms of life, for today's and future generations, with special attention to eliminating pollution on land, sea and air.

• To establish that women are treated equally with men in all respects, particularly ad far as pay and conditions at work are concerned and top prohibit by law any discrimination against women in any way.

• To establish that Black people and all ethnic groupings are treated equally with other people and to prohibit by law any discrimination against Black or any ethnic groups.

• To establish that no person shall suffer discrimination socially, economically or politically because of a disability, and to prohibit by law discrimination against disabled people.

• To establish that no person shall suffer discrimination socially, economically or politically because of their sexual orientation/preference.

• To promote political, social and economic emancipation of the people as a whole.

• To co-operate with all Socialist organisations with a view to promoting objects, aims and policies of the Party and to take common action with international Socialist organisations in the campaigns to promote a higher standard of social and economic life for people throughout the world.

• To co-operate with Socialist organisations in all countries and other international organisations in the promotion of peace, the establishment and defence of human rights and the improvement of social and economic standards and conditions of work of people in countries throughout the world.