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Peace & Prosperity

We are an internationalist party. We do not accept that wars, poverty, unemployment and oppression are inevitable or acts of God; they spring from the injustices of a corrupt capitalist system.

The Socialist Labour Party's international policies emanate from our commitment to change the world by eliminating these injustices and inequalities.

We believe that each nation can achieve a decent and dignified quality of life for its citizens, alongside every other nation. This includes safeguarding the environment and rights of each nation's indigenous peoples.

The Socialist Labour Party is opposed to aggression or interference by any country or group of countries in the affairs of a sovereign nation whose internal affairs should be determined by its own people.

The world today is controlled by financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the World Trade Organisation. These are undemocratic bodies that exist to defend and maintain capitalism around the globe. The Socialist Labour Party believes it is necessary to withdraw from them and make clear our abhorrence of global capitalism and of all those who support it.

Our Party is committed to withdrawing from the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, NATO. We do not agree with Britain's current military alliances that tie British foreign policy to multi-national companies and other governments that defend them. We oppose the concept of a European army or task force which can only exacerbate conflict and not resolve it.

We want links with international trade unionism and with movements for peace, environmental protection, women's rights and above all, Socialism.

The Socialist Labour Party condemns the use of economic and political blockades or sanctions which are used by international capitalism against countries - such as Cuba - that challenge the very basis of capitalism. We support the cancellation of debts held against impoverished nations, and believe that the world trading system is creating ever greater inequality. We demand 'fair trade', not 'free trade'.

We believe that Britain's defence industry and forces are far too big for our real needs. We would withdraw all British forces from overseas, cut our defence budget by two-thirds, and plough the billions released into the NHS and re-building the economy. The Socialist Labour Party really would turn swords into ploughshares.

Britain does not need nuclear weapons. The Socialist Labour Party supports unilateral nuclear disarmament and wants an international ban on all weapons of mass destruction, including anti-personnel devices, Trident nuclear missiles and the removal of all foreign bases from Britain.

We would end Britain's reliance on the evil arms trade and halt all production of instruments of torture. We would stop the sale of arms - this is a trade which deals in death. Instead, we would export equipment to help third world countries to help themselves maintain and improve the quality of life.

With today's world racked by unjust wars, we oppose all of Britain's racist asylum and immigration laws which condemn people seeking refuge to detention, imprisonment, torture or death. The Socialist Labour Party is committed to fighting racism and fascism wherever they occur.