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December 2014 - British regime’s insult to our armed forces, workers’ brigades, civilian wartime assistants, factory, transport, maritime and land employees etc.

The United Nations have within the past few days voted upon a motion regarding fascism. It read:- ‘Combating glorification of Nazism, neo-nazism and other practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance’.

The motion was approved with 115 Countries in favour, 55 abstaining and just 3 voting against. It appears that the abstentions were mostly Countries under the political and economic influence of the USA and included practically the whole of the European Union. The fact that the disgraceful British regime was amongst the abstentions is a complete slap in the face for all those who fought and worked against the fascist Axis powers in World War 2. It is also putting up two fingers to those brave souls who fought Franco’s fascist forces in the 1930’s. The great irony to this is that all these British pro-fascists, currently in power, have been strutting around in November wearing red poppies supposedly commemorating the British forces’ wartime dead.

The Labour Party and other Capitalist opposition M.P.’s have not raised the slightest murmur about this vote. Similarly, the BBC, Channel 4, Sky, the Capitalist British press and the rest of the media have put a blanket of silence over this insulting vote from our regime.

Further to this, it is worth recording the 3 regimes that voted against the motion. They were the United States of America, Canada and The Ukraine. Canada’s brave soldiers, sailors and airmen who gave us their Commonwealth help and lives in the Second World War must be turning in their graves.

We have little surprise concerning the fascist Kiev regime in Ukraine but, again the US vote is a slap in the face for America’s wartime dead and injured.

The fact of the matter is that many wartime fascists proved to be useful to some Western regimes after the end of the Second World War. They helped in the Cold War fight against the USSR, China, North Korea, Cuba etc. They clearly still carry political weight. It is greatly disturbing that the fascist voices are so loud in our own Capitalist political parties. It can be surmised that a more UKIP influenced British Parliament would also have encouraged a ‘No’ vote from our Public School infected political thugs.

November 2014 - Lying messages from Labour leadership are stuck in the groove.

Once again, we are hearing the same, well-worn messages from the Labour Party and particularly its leadership around the Country, that they will bring in a more equal society should they come to power. It is a fine sounding message for the British working class. Unfortunately, the message is and always has been a complete fiction as far as Labour governments are concerned.

The record of redistribution going back to the earliest of Labour administrations in the 1920’s has been of one in favour of the wealthy and to the cost of the poorest in society. The climax to this came under Blair and Brown’s regimes when the pockets of the bankers, financiers and wealthy were being stuffed. ‘Quantitative easing’ involved billions of our money being poured into the coffers of the banking elite. Blair’s Private Finance Initiative has meant huge interest payments are flowing from the NHS to the capitalist cronies. Similarly, the Labour regimes have stuffed the pockets of the capitalist arms manufacturers and oil magnates with gold.

Expressions from the Labour leadership, promising redistribution, have always meant to the richest in society. There can be no prospect of a fairer society from these habitual liars. They have made no effort to clamp down on tax evasion and avoidance from the richest in society and they are in the pockets of the bankers and financiers. The only secure promises they give are to continue the austerity clampdown being imposed upon the British working class. There have been no worthwhile prosecutions of bankers or financiers for their huge frauds under Labour regimes, in fact City regulations have been eased. This state of affairs has continued under the current Tory LibDem shambles. With Libor rates and foreign exchange rates being fiddled in the amounts of trillions of dollars, there are still no prosecutions of the beneficiaries and perpetrators. Instead, there are mere ‘token’ fines on banks and other finance institutions compared to their huge billions and trillions of corrupt gains.

October 2014 - British ‘Thought Police’ exposed.

Recent revelations in the national press have confirmed the suspicions of many on the left that there have been attempts to suppress our knowledge of history from the vantage point of the working class.

It has come to light that some of our greatest historians of recent times, along with other members of their families were monitored by MI5. They had their phones tapped and individual files opened on them which attempted to invade every aspect of their lives.

The historians concerned included some of the modern ‘greats’ such as Christopher Hill, AJP Taylor and Eric Hobsbawm. Hill and Taylor, particularly, might be regarded as two of the few intellectual giants whose contributions to British historical analysis have been invaluable. The effect of the actions could have easily been to intimidate them into modifying their writings and in this respect could easily be regarded as suppression of freedom of speech and thought. The British Establishment were clearly unhappy with people whose views deviated from the official line on Britain’s history.

The snooping was not confined to historians, however. Because of support for anti-nuclear campaigns, others subject to ‘special surveillance and treatment’ included the novelist Iris Murdoch and the moral philosopher Mary Warnock. She has since commentated to the effect that such treatment is somewhat flattering to her.

October 2014 - British Workers have had no political representation acting on their behalves, at the highest level, for decades.

A Labour M.P. has been secretly recorded by Tory activists stating that the 1970’s were, in effect, one of the ’better’ decades for British workers. Wages and conditions were, in general, far more generous in real terms for workers than today.

If we go back to those times, we find that towards the end of the decade, the right wing Labour Prime Minister, James Callaghan, declared a form of wage war on the trade union movement which resulted in the so called ‘Winter of Discontent’. His attempts to screw down on wages and conditions for Britain’s workers caused large scale strike actions. The working class could see little benefit in supporting the Party which was attacking them and this opened the door for Thatcher and her far right entourage to take over the levers of power in Britain.

Careful preparation and planning went in to the vicious Tory attack upon the vanguard of the British Trade Union movement, the NUM, in the 1980’s. With the help of the police, paramilitary, capitalist media, secret services and Labour Party treachery, the resistance to the Tory capitalist onslaught on Britain’s Working class proved to be ultimately overwhelmed. We have not had the calibre of broad trade union leadership, subsequently, to put solid resistance firmly back on the political map. Labour Party leadership from Kinnock ,Smith, Blair, Brown and Miliband have followed enthusiastically in the Thatcher footsteps. The trade union movement has been held at arm’s length by the Labour Party hierarchy.

The British capitalist political parties have also, in subsequent periods, almost unanimously (UKIP’s posing apart) followed the Thatcherite line of being pro EU. The policy of this organisation has involved the de-industrialisation of Britain. The British Coal, Steel, Shipbuilding and other ‘heavy’ industries have been whittled away. The free movement of Labour and capital required by being part of the EU has also involved a deterioration in the wages and conditions once maintained by militant British Trade Unionism.

Nowadays, with all the major British political parties in the thrall of ‘big business’, including Labour, UKIP, SNP, Plaid, Tory and LibDem, there is currently very little hope of improvement for Britain’s working class. The one ray of hope is for the whole rotten British capitalist edifice to be brought crashing down by the Socialist Labour Party. Britain needs a thorough Socialist programme of rebuilding.

October 2014 - Conference notes – Blackpool October 2014.

The 2014 Conference of the Party was held in Blackpool last weekend. The general summing up of events would reveal a very united and determined Party in excellent spirits with a will to step up our efforts at overthrowing the rotten, corrupt, capitalist system operating in Britain.

The Conference opened with an address from Party President Andrew Jordan. He spoke of the irrelevance of New Labour’s policies with no mention of dealing with tax avoidance from them. Measures to prevent the wealthy from using tax avoidance would help significantly to balance Britain’s books as well as removing any need for austerity policies aimed at Britain’s working class. He discussed the ‘pseudo’ left who constantly form new coalitions and change their names. Some of the ‘so-called’ left in Scotland even joined or formed coalitions with the Scottish Nationalists. The fact is that there is no REAL alternative apart from the SLP. He mentioned further BBC apologies relating to our electoral activities. We are a Party with leading roles for women and young people. The latter are, of course, the future of the Party. He spoke of the media blackout for our Party and our gearing up for future elections throughout Britain.

Fraternal greetings were received from our wonderful friends and political comrades at the Cuban Embassy in London.

A minute’s silence was held to remember fallen comrades who have done so much for the Party and Socialism.

The business of Conference got underway with constitutional amendments. The main result of changes is that the Party will in future operate on more of a regional basis.

Motions discussed and debated included ones relating to residential care home standards.

A talk was given by John Boyd of the Campaign Against European Federalism to which our Party is affiliated. He looked specifically at the attempts by transnational corporations allied to banks in order to sue and bully World Governments into adopting rampant free market capitalism with privatisation and destruction of the green environment to the fore. TTIP, backed by such political parties as UKIP, is a frontal attack upon national states and democracy.

Consideration of further motions followed with discussion of our longstanding demand for proportional representation. The Party called for the restoration of rights to strike, free assembly, secondary picketing and binding collective bargaining. Discussion was made relating to the secular nature of the Party.

A motion was debated concerning the violence of corporate capitalism.

This was followed by one attacking the capitalist brainwashing of Britain’s children by the media and the education system.

A further motion called for the complete overhaul of the British legal system.

Discussion followed on the proposed HS2 rail link. Our Party is opposed since we would have other priorities such as expanding Britain’s overall rail network to bring it nearer to its pre Beeching ‘axe’ status (under a renationalised system).

Our opposition to the ‘Bedroom Tax’ and other attacks upon the poor and vulnerable was affirmed.

Further motions relating to our Party’s republicanism and Britain’s food sovereignty were considered. The malicious effects of GM foods and the companies ‘pushing’ them were discussed.

Ken Capstick, the Party treasurer gave the summing up remarks in an inspiring closing address. He mentioned the great freedom we have to express our opinions as members of the SLP. We do not have to defend the words or actions of former Labour leaders like Blair, Brown etc. He mentioned the regressive effects of the Chicago School Neoliberal agenda largely introduced during the Reagan Thatcher years. We were asked by the rampant capitalists to embrace global capitalism and it is bringing the World to its knees. Only the Socialist Labour Party can show Britain the way forward to happiness, peace and prosperity for Britain’s masses.

September 2014 - Warmongers Inc.

By 1944 it was obvious that the Soviet Union was winning the war and the pace of their march towards the Western coasts of Europe panicked the British and American forces into launching the ‘D’Day invasion in order to prevent Soviet forces from dominating the whole of mainland Europe.

At the end of the Second World War, Churchill and other Western imperialists were adamant that confrontation was again necessary between the ‘West’ and the USSR and so we had the ‘Iron Curtain’ speech and the establishment of NATO - an organisation set up to keep the Soviet sphere of influence in check.

Logically, therefore, with the political decision by the naive and idiotic Soviet leadership to dissolve the Soviet system in 1991, then the need for NATO also disappeared. Agreement was reached with the former Soviets that in no way would NATO encroach upon former Soviet territories. In practice, the eastward expansion of NATO has known no bounds. Again, in order to justify its existence and the huge armament industries of the West, NATO has been instrumental in causing conflict wherever its tentacles have reached.

It has been the tool of Western/Zionist aggression in actions against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria etc.etc. Unfortunately, wherever it has intervened, it has left complete chaos in its wake. After arming the Taliban against the USSR in Afghanistan, the armed insurgents turned upon their sponsors. Again, after arming the insurgents in Syria, they also have turned.

We in the SLP do not wish to be part of this non stop aggression organisation which has caused so much trouble. Just as France once had a principled stand of not being part of NATO (reversed under various American poodle leaderships including the present), so Britain should distance itself.

We currently have the idiotic position of NATO being deeply involved in the Fascist regime in Kiev which has brutally set about its own population in the East of Ukraine. We even have reports (not mentioned in the Western capitalist media) of Kiev’s planes shooting down a Malaysian airliner. We therefore have to raise the two questions: Firstly, why is NATO interfering in former Soviet territories? Secondly, why is there a NATO organisation still in existence? Surely, World policing should be done by a United Nations force, not one under the influence of the West’s less than one per cent unprincipled elite who also control over 70% of media coverage/propaganda.

September 2014 - Arthur Scargill at Orgreave 2014 - Video.


September 2014 - Power to the people – not the bosses and their international ‘kleptocratic’ and undemocratic organisations .

The Western powers, including the US and the EU, are proposing extensions to the powers of corporations and big business individuals to take elected governments to court if the said governments do not accede to the wishes of the capitalists. The extension of these powers would enable international companies to sue governments of whichever countries have signed up to the new regulations. These new arrangements are termed ISDS or Investor-State Dispute Settlements.

The balance of power is already grossly in favour of the undemocratic, international corporations. Their assets, in many cases, far exceed the GDP’s of the countries in which they operate. This is especially true of oil companies operating in Africa. Furthermore, we have seen in Britain how large corporations switch their resources and operations around the globe in order to avoid paying taxes. The wealth distribution throughout the globe is becoming more and more extreme between the obscenely rich few and the poverty stricken many.

We, in the SLP, call for the halting of the ‘free’ movement of capital and labour in order to partly deal with these problems. Since the capitalist system is based on ideas such as the limited liability of companies, which enable them to dodge their financial liabilities, we can see the obvious need to rewrite legislation. It is commonplace in the US for fracking companies to extract very short term gas reserves, make a quick ‘killing’ and then declare themselves bankrupt , leaving the public to clean up the environmental mess left from the operations.

We can also envisage British governments being sued by these kleptocrat companies because they have not been up to speed in privatising public assets such as the NHS or not enabling the companies and unscrupulous individuals to make big enough profits. Since the Labour Party in power began many of the privatisations, then there is a cross-capitalist party alliance in Britain backing widespread privatisation for the benefit of the few.

Britain is clearly in need of socialist reorganisation in order to take back huge swathes of our assets into public ownership. We can envisage the opposition from foreign predatory capitalist governments and the obvious need for trading connections to likeminded socialist governments throughout the world when we eventually have a government in Britain that represents the best interests of our working class.

August 2014 - Hypocrisy and double standards from British media.

The Western regime provoked military conflicts that are currently underway are causing various humanitarian crises. There is an obvious need for aid to be sent to the suffering civilian populations involved. The need for such help is receiving very differing coverage from the British media, however.

The BBC is giving a great deal of coverage to groups like the Yezidis people and the Turkmen caught up in the fighting in Iraq. As the state propaganda unit of the British regime, there has been a concentration upon the need for aid to go to these peoples who we had previously heard very little of. This should be contrasted with the distinct lack of calls for large scale humanitarian aid for the Zionist purged inhabitants of Gaza or for the Eastern Ukrainian civilians being bombed and attacked by the NATO backed fascist regime in Kiev. These particular attacks remind us of the attacks from Franco’s forces, with Nazi German support, upon the Spanish republicans of Guernica etc. in the 1930’s.

The BBC has gone so far as to call into question whether the Russian aid convoy to Eastern Ukraine is in fact carrying humanitarian aid. This is despite checks upon the contents from Red Cross etc. Surely, any organisation with the least fragment of humanity should welcome civilian aid in war torn areas, whatever the source. The BBC’s record with regard to the truth, impartiality and morality do not, however, bear close scrutiny bearing in mind decades of scandals and falsifications.

November 2013 - Socialist News Returns!

The SLP paper, Socialist News, has returned and is now available for purchase online via MagCloud.

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