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The whole political and philosophical circus built around Thatcherism, Reaganomics and Blair-Brownism is outdated, discredited and irrelevant to today’s World.

The current economic woes that the World is suffering from had their origins in the economic illiteracy and consequent policies, including deregulation of the banks, that flowed from the Thatcher, Reagan period of misrule and subsequent ‘like - minded’ regimes.

Further to the economic chaos, however, there were attempts to build a whole revisionist culture alongside the economic backwardness of the period. One example of this was with the wave of ‘revisionist’ right-wing historians in Britain who were naturally promoted in the rabid ultra Conservative leaning British mass media.

The levellers of the English Civil War period, for instance, were deemed by these neo conservative historians as not being radical. The intention was to cut off the British working classes from their philosophical and theoretical roots.

We have now, thankfully, moved on so that today, we are building up a generation of post revisionist historians prepared to look objectively at such subjects.

In the political sphere, however, some in the British media seem unable to move on from the old discredited era. Blair and Brown's cronies and political acolytes are continually wheeled out to put their spin on things. Blair himself, in fact, has piped up again in connection with the forthcoming EU referendum. He states that a ‘no’ vote will result in Scotland being ‘divorced’ from the rest of Britain. This is the same sort of political ‘blackmail’ that we were subject to in the recent General Election when it was said the Scottish ‘tail’ would wag the ‘English dog’.

Blair and the rest of the ‘Establishment cronies’ should consider that there is an alternative scenario. That is of Britain voting to leave the EU followed by Scotland voting to remain part of the whole British political system with the opportunity to revive trading links with the Commonwealth and the rest of the World.

Corrupt capitalists given a helping hand by their political cronies.

What a surprise to all of us to find that any potential investigations into the theft of billions of pounds by the corrupt capitalists running the banks and financial institutions in Britain have been dropped!

As has been stated recently, the Tory party is the political wing of the bankers and hedge funds. These people, after causing the near financial breakdown in 2008, have continued their irresponsible and often criminal actions up to the current year. Occasionally, the mainstream media are obliged to reveal glimpses of what is really afoot in the financial sector, as with the illegal fixing of Libor rates. Despite these rare revelations, however, the general public still await prosecutions of the individuals concerned. The corrupt British establishment are certainly looking after ‘their own’ when it comes to paying the price for illegality. The art of kicking sensitive criminal cases into the ‘long grass’ has become a speciality of successive capitalist political regimes in Britain.

Unfortunately, it is the working class in Britain that has been picking up the bill for this massive wealth distribution in favour of the less than 1% ‘have loads’ in the population. The austerity measures placed on British workers by politicians from all the main capitalist parties, including the then ‘new, blue’ Labour party, has been sickening to witness.

What the British economy requires is a complete rebalancing since it is built on such insecure foundations. Today, the reliance on the service and financial sectors has put our economy at a severe disadvantage compared to other states such as Germany. The reason is that there is a political hostility to manufacturing and heavy industry from the British ‘establishment’. They perceive support for socialism coming from the working class employed in these sectors. As a Party, we see the need for urgent action to restore heavy industry in Britain, including clean coal technology mining, steel manufacturing, shipbuilding, railways expansion etc. The rules of being members of the European Union have involved the running down of all these heavy industries. They have been moved abroad to developing countries like China and India. The debate about global warming has also involved right wing politicians in Britain calling for closure of heavy industry. As Piers Corbyn has commented, however, this has been just a cynical political ploy to move jobs abroad to places where Labour rates are lower and the effects of heavy industry on CO2 emissions in Britain are, according to Corbyn, pretty negligible.

Similarly, Britain, once the workshop of the World, has been robbed by the City financiers and their political cohorts of its manufacturing base (as in the Slater-Walker asset stripping era). These are the sorts of industries that can pay real, liveable wage rates, not the flimsy call centre and fast food types of insecure unemployment, with generally low wage rates, upon which the current generation of school leavers is being forced to rely.

Seasonal Greetings to SLP members and supporters.

The Socialist Labour Party wishes health, happiness and success to our members and supporters in 2016. We, as always, approach the new year with optimism, especially because of our strong set of policies and values which are particularly topical and relevant.

Again, we remember those members and supporters who have fallen in the long march towards a socialist future in Britain and the world.

Insanity of undemocratic Parliamentary decisions.

With the alliance of the largely public school ‘prats’ of the Tory and Blairite members of Parliament in the recent vote on Syria, we are forced to the conclusion that it is a definite sign of ‘madness’ when you continue to repeat disastrous decisions.

As with the shambolic Blairite wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the Cameron led debacle in Libya, the majority of M.P.’s are still in thrall to the mainly American led arms manufacturers, the weapons industry being one of the few areas of economic growth these days.

With the largely public school dogs of war howling down Corbyn, the supposed impartiality of the Speaker of the House of Commons was brought into question. He allowed applause on the speech from former prisons minister Hilary Benn when, on a previous occasion, he had prevented any applause in the House from Scottish nationalists.

The Scots, of course, have huge reason, once again, to feel aggrieved since only 2 Scottish M.P’s supported Cameron.

The political consideration of the upcoming Oldham by-election, no doubt, pushed Corbyn into allowing a free vote for Labour M.P’s. He did not want any resignations over the issue to hang over the Oldham result. As it was, the media seemed very upset that the result was not a snub for Corbyn. The BBC by-election special was quickly curtailed after the result and Channel 4 news managed to push it down to third place in its list of top stories. There is no doubt that it would have received top billing if the result had gone more against the recently installed Labour Party leadership. UKIP, of course, had their spokesperson on the BBC by-election programme waiting to pounce. The BBC had, after all, ran special Oldham previews of how UKIP were almost there.

One thing that UKIP was justly annoyed about, however, was the use of postal voting. Although it would not have made any difference to this particular result, it has been unofficially stated that over 99% in one ballot box contained pro-Labour votes. We in the SLP have long been suspicious of postal votes whereby one person can fill in the votes for many. Cases in point include votes in ethnic minority areas and also votes in care homes for the elderly.

Further outcomes from the Syrian vote include the comment by Cameron that those opposing him were ‘terrorist sympathisers’. We in the SLP believe that people like him and Blair are the real instigators of terrorism by their continual interventions in places like the Middle East in support of Israeli interests and the Oil Companies operating there. Tristram Hunt has also been on the media proclaiming that the ‘Stop the War’ movement, into which Corbyn is closely tied, is ‘disreputable’. Would any of us wish to be in the same political party as Hunt or his pro big business and capitalism chums?

Apart from the close ties between Blairites and Tories over the Syria vote, it is also reported that there is an unholy alliance between the Tory Chairman, Lord Feldman, Peter Mandelson and Jack Straw’s son Will Straw in drumming up big business support for the pro EU side in the forthcoming vote on Britain’s continued membership. We must ask ourselves in whose interests are these pro Zionists really acting? The majority of the British people are currently against renewed membership of the capitalist EU club, as they are against further involvement in Syria.

If the House of Commons is ignoring the will of the majority of the British people, perhaps it might be worthwhile quoting from an act of Act of Parliament dated March 19th 1649 in relation to the House of Lords.

‘The Commons of England assembled in Parliament, finding by too long experience that the House of Lords is useless and dangerous to the people of England to be continued, have thought fit to ordain and enact and be it ordained and enacted by this present Parliament and by the authority of the same, that henceforth the House of Lords in Parliament shall be and is hereby wholly abolished and taken away’.

Non-stop attacks and encroachments upon our freedoms and natural rights by British fascist regimes who support terrorists abroad along with the US.

It is total hypocrisy for the British regime and its like-minded opposition members in Parliament to be encroaching further upon our civil liberties in the name of countering terrorism.

The latest legislation proposed by the reactionary Home Secretary of the very ‘nasty’ party would involve the police being able to scrutinise all of our internet surfing in order to ‘profile’ every one of us.

The reason for further erosion of our civil liberties is given as the need to combat the threat of terrorism. This is total hypocrisy, however. The British, U.S. Israeli, French etc. regimes have been responsible for starting up and funding terror groups at home and abroad. The Taliban were funded, along with Bin Laden in Afghanistan in order to destabilise the Soviet backed progressive government.

Al Quaeda and similar rogue groups, including the so-called ‘free Syrian army’ have been funded to destabilise the governments of Libya, Syria , South Yemen and others. As with the case of the Taliban, however, these groups have frequently turned against their ‘puppet-masters’ in the west.

The tightening of legislation to deprive us of our freedoms has been a one-way ratchet since the brief time of the English civil wars when lack of censorship allowed wide scale political pamphleting by Levellers, Diggers etc. Cromwell was the first to stamp down upon these freedoms.

Who are the reactionary terrorists in our society? On the basis of our knowledge of recent history from Thatcher through Blair, Brown and now Cameron, it is apparent that those in power are acting in the interests of a tiny elite determined to increase their wealth and power at all costs. True Socialists must stand firm in the face of this onslaught and no reliance should be put in so-called ‘independent’ preservers of our hard won rights like Shami Chakrabarti of ‘Liberty’ who as a former personal assistant to right wing Tory Michael Howard, is as much a part of the ‘Establishment’ as any of them.

A fascist state is one where a small, well financed and corrupt ‘elite’ seeks through lies, deception, distortion and intimidation to impose its will upon the population in order to eradicate any opposition to its ideology of ultra capitalism, slavery and militarism. The USA bears a striking resemblance to these characteristics and we British are currently being marched well down the same path!

SLP the true and main voice of the left in the forthcoming referendum opportunity to pull out of the EU

With the main capitalist media, including the BBC, doing their usual stunt of only concentrating on right wing campaigns for a ‘NO’ vote in the forthcoming referendum on membership of the EU, it is time for the SLP to lay out our credentials to lead the campaign to pull us out of this ‘bosses club’.

The capitalist Labour Party has made it clear that they will campaign for Britain to remain within the EU. This will, of course, entail unlimited economic migration into our under resourced and overstretched Country. The effects on British wage rates will continue the race to the bottom. The right wing campaigns may agree with us on this but they certainly don’t agree on our wish to remove the free movement of capital whereby employers just up sticks and move their operations overseas (where wage rates are often cheaper).

Since the modern re-forming of the SLP in and around 1996, we have been consistent in our view on withdrawal from Europe, unlike many on the left who have swung from pro EU to anti EU and back again. We have long held the position of being the main political force on the left opposed to Britain’s membership . Other opportunistic groups ( not political parties) have been formed on occasion to take up similar positions to us but none have achieved anything like our votes in European elections.

We would call upon other campaign groupings on the left of British politics to get behind our efforts to pull out of the EU in order to open up our trade with the rest of the world. In so doing, we might also secure our valid right to claim official funding as the main campaign grouping on the ‘No’ side in the forthcoming vote and thereby prevent funds going to the big business parties (like UKIP) on the right of British politics.

He’s Not the Messiah You Know!

No doubt you will have noticed the surge of publicity surrounding the Labour leadership contest, focusing on the transformation of ‘left’ MP Jeremy Corbyn into saviour of the British Labour Party. Almost universally the opportunist left has converged around Corbyn with groups and individuals affiliated to or supportive of the various left electoral alliances moving to bolster support for the latest ‘new’ Labour. In it’s contention that capitalism can be ‘moulded’ to the service of the people by progressive social policies, the Labour left historically has aided and abetted the growth of the free market leading inevitably to the corporate hegemony we see today. There’s a scene in the comedy movie ‘Clockwise’ that seems to me to describe perfectly the true nature of this enduring phenomenon. ‘It’s not the despair that kills’, says the hero, ‘it’s the hope’. However sincerely held, the ideas of social democracy lead inevitably to the betrayal of hope which is worse than hopelessness itself. Comrades, do not despair. Take the good news to the people.

Tell your friends and family. There is a real alternative. There is a party not tied to the power structures of capital which has the principles and therefore the promise to fulfil our dreams of a free and fair society.

That party is the Socialist Labour Party.

Kim Bryan, SLP General Secretary

Quickest backtracking in recent British political history?

Having seen Jeremy Corbyn being elected the leader of the Labour Party with a very strong mandate from the various sections in their much criticised electoral process, any outsider would think that his policies would prevail. With a dominant ‘right wing’ of Blairites in the 1990’s, it is difficult to remember any special political concessions or accommodations being given to other trends within the party. Yet within almost the first 24 hours after his victory, we hear Corbyn supporter Diane Abbott on the BBC stating quite clearly that there would be ‘no withdrawal from NATO’.

Since this appeared to be one of his core principles in getting elected, this, almost immediate, backtracking must warn us of what else is to come from this political sector. It is reminiscent of the swift backtracking of the Syriza leadership in Greece. They claimed that they would reject any of the oppressive austerity policies being proposed by the European and World financial gangsters. This kind of selling out on principles brings the ‘left’ as a whole into disrepute and as in Greece, opens the door to right-wing elements (e.g. Golden Dawn) who move in on similar sorts of policies but with less obvious political elasticity and more sinister motives as far as the working class are concerned.

British political elite continue to put the boot into our working class

The Tory regime claiming to represent the Country on a mandate of about 24% of votes cast at the recent General Election has put forward proposals affecting the British working class. Bearing in mind the 7 million of the electorate disabled from voting (by homelessness etc.) their mandate is much weaker.

They have proposed that a living wage be implemented which rises to £9 per hour by 2020. This figure is, of course, pathetically inadequate, especially in areas such as London where property prices and rents are going through the roof as a result of capitalist regime induced ‘bubbles’. The Socialist Labour Party, for instance, have been calling for much higher levels of wages for years and for £12 per hour immediately. The cynicism of these, largely public school, prats when comparing workers’ wage rates to their vast (largely unwaged) earnings is one factor in explaining the growing huge inequalities apparent in British society.

Furthermore, how are minimum rates of pay going to benefit in any way those of us who are on commission only agreements with no basic wages? There will be lots of examples where minimum rates will not apply (as with large numbers of exploited ‘illegal’ and other economic migrants to which our capitalist politicians have continually turned blind eyes).

A further blow was landed by our current regime when they announced that education grants for worse off students would be replaced by loans. As if the working class doesn’t have enough debt! It has been said over the last few days on nationwide TV that elements of capitalist economies are being swallowed up by vast ‘black holes’ of debt and those of us amongst the ‘99%’ who have had our fill of economic exploitation will be cheering any massive implosion when it happens on a worldwide scale. Blair’s mantra from the ‘privileged elite’ was ‘education, education, education’ but not apparently as far as the working class will be concerned. Some sections of the ruling elite have, however, been apparently ‘overeducated’ as far as their intellectual capacities are concerned, as noted by Dennis Skinner M.P. the other day in the House of Commons.

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