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April 2014 - The sleaze factory needs a complete overhaul.

With the Maria Miller fiasco reverberating throughout Britain, it is high time to repeat the call for a complete overhaul of the British political system and the removal of all the capitalist M.P’s who do nothing but trail their noses in the trough of public revenues.

It has been reported that the Minister with Japanese ‘fascist’ genes, i.e. Duncan –Smith had been invited onto the Andrew Marr show on Sunday in order to further put the boot into those poor unfortunates in Britain receiving meagre benefits. Because of the gains made at tax payers’ expense (said to be a million pounds on property alone) by Maria Miller, the Duncan –Smith attack had to be held back.

As has been said by members of the British public, if the recipient of a fraction of the gains had been a benefit claimant, then they would be likely to end up in jail. Miller doesn’t even lose her seat as an M.P. and has received a pay-off for being sacked.

The reason so many Members of Parliament and other legislators in Britain are so untrustworthy is because of the nature of the electoral system. Corrupt big business operations are financing the electoral campaigns on a huge scale of all the capitalist parties including Labour, UKIP, Nationalist, Tory, LibDem etc. No wonder the recipients of this corrupt backing are in turn themselves so unsavoury in character.

Nigel Farage of UKIP has been promoted on the air waves again in order to comment on the debacle but he has no leg to stand on since he has evaded large amounts of tax himself (as well as receiving millions in political expenses). Labour can’t comment much since their track record on expenses is atrocious.

The bankers also manage to escape custodial sentences after large scale irregularities but a British benefit claimant in jail would, in the future (as proposed by another seemingly fascist Minister, Grayling) be likely to lose the right to read books in jail. What sort of feudalistic society do these numbskull capitalist politicians want to take us back to?

April 2014 - The stances of the capitalist political parties on fracking run contrary to the views and interests of the huge majority in Britain.

Nigel Farage and UKIP are the latest political party to wholeheartedly back the destruction and devastation of the British environment by advocating widespread fracking. The common law which has held for hundreds of years is, apparently, being thrown to one side so that no law of trespass will apply to fracking companies.

Besides the horrendous environmental costs, pollution and health hazards involved, fracking operations (with their negative energy benefits) also cause major road surface damage. Now we have already seen the surge in pothole numbers affecting our roads which the British regimes try to ignore. The huge trucks and other vehicles required in fracking operations are already causing havoc to roads in the U.S.

The SLP has long advocated taking heavy lorries off our road systems and putting their cargoes onto the rail system. This would, of course, require investment and expansion of the British rail network, putting it on a par with the network of the late 1940’s. The advantages to the environment with less traffic pollution are clear to see (especially when considering recent air quality problems).

The Labour Party will line up with the other capitalist parties as being in favour of widespread fracking. The corrupt big business fracking companies from e.g. the U.S. and France will be pulling the strings to ensure the Labour Party’s backing. We have already seen the Labour Peer Chris Smith put in place to oversee this desecration of our countryside.

The working class should stand in solidarity to ensure that this capitalist vandalism of Britain hits the buffers!

April 2014 - The People’s Republic of Barking and Dagenham.

A third Barking and Dagenham councillor, Gerald Vincent, has defected from Labour to the SLP. Gerry, who will contest Longbridge ward, joins colleagues Jim McDermott (Eastbury) and Barry Poulton (Thames) in forming a strong SLP contingent on the council.

All three councillors, whose values are rooted in the labour tradition of solidarity, are highly respected in their local communities. They have rejected the ‘politics’ of some Labour councillors in the borough who in an opportunistic attempt to get re-elected on any terms have joined parties that scapegoat immigrants and the poor.

The SLP team in Barking and Dagenham enters the elections in May with a strong profile. If you’ve had it with the tired old parties, the tired old lies about ‘change’ and the tired old big money corporate packaging, you have a real alternative.

On 22nd May vote Socialist Labour.

March 2014 - Another Labour councillor defects to the SLP.

A second Labour Party councillor in Barking and Dagenham has defected to the Socialist Labour Party. We are delighted to welcome Cllr. Barry Poulton to our ranks. Party President Andrew Jordan describes him as a man of principle who is placing the concerns of his community ahead of any self interest. Cllr. Poulton has stated that he does not wish to waste his work for the community which would be the case if he did not make his political move.

March 2014 - Harry Parfitt - Reflections on the Miners Strike 1984-85.

I have recently been watching the programmes on the television about the Miners Strike of 1984 1985. During the Strike, we were concerned about some of our members crossing our picket lines, but the reason we lost the strike was because of the treason of our top people in the Labour Movement.

We had no support from the Labour party, the Leadership, Neil Kinnock and Roy Hattersley, and the executives, they were totally against us. Neil Kinnock even went on national television and told the world he despised Arthur Scargill. The same happened with the Trade Union Congress. Norman Willis, the President, was against Scargill and the Strike. The T.U.C have never supported the Miners. They betrayed us in the 1926 General Strike also.

There were even traitors in the N.U.M (National Union of Mineworkers). Four area executive members, two of them from South Wales, joined a conspiracy to take Arthur Scargill and Peter Heatherfield to court over the money that was sent from Russia to help us. The case collapsed before it reached the courts. One of the traitors later begged for forgiveness at a N.U.M conference.

But the biggest betrayal came from the deputies union N.A.C.O.D.S. Their leaders, David Mcnestry and Ken Sampey did a deal with Margaret Thatcher to keep their members in work after they had voted by an eighty percent majority to take strike action. We did have brilliant support from all over the world, from other unions, and the rank and fire of the Labour party. But the strike was betrayed by the Trade Union Bureaucracy in a campaign headed by Kinnock and the entire Labour leadership. I'm sure if we had won the 1984-1985 strike, we wouldn't have the problems today that we have in our ranks.

By Harry Parfitt.

March 2014 - Disgraceful British capitalist media again seek to mislead with lies, distortions and omissions concerning events in Ukraine.

Thanks to foreign media, the Estonian foreign minister has confirmed his (recorded) discussion with the Labour Party’s EU representative Baroness Ashton concerning the true source of recent sniping in Kiev which killed police and protestors. Apparently the sniping was caused by the fascist coup instigators currently receiving the backing of western regimes and not the ousted elected government (as reported by western capitalist media).

The destabilisation of the Ukrainian government thanks to western backed fascist intervention reminds us of previous ‘false flag’ interventions. Hitler’s Nazis used a fabricated incident on the Polish border with Germany in order to attack Poland in 1939. The Gulf of Tonkin fabricated ‘incident’ in 1964 was used as a pretext by the United States to wage a war against North Vietnam. Numerous alleged ‘massacres’ were used to justify western interventions in Yugoslavia which resulted in the break-up of the socialist state and the vilifying of brave Serbia.

Instead of the coverage of the truth of recent events in Kiev, Crimea etc., all we have had is deliberate muck raking and attempts at destabilisation from reporting involving e.g. Matt Frei and Lindsey Hilsum for Channel 4 and from the usual suspect reporting from John Simpson and many others on the BBC. There is a complete cover-up over the Baroness Ashton phone call and when such momentous falsities lead us to the brink of hostilities (as with Iraq weapons of mass destruction), then we must reiterate the view that the British capitalist news media stinks to high heaven.

March 2014 - Video: Ken's Walks & Talks- Ukraine.

March 2014 - SLP announces Welsh Candidates for the European Election.

The SLP is pleased to announce that on Saturday 1st March SLP Wales selected the four candidates that will stand on the Candidate List for the European Parliamentary Election on May 22nd.

The four candidates are, and will appear on the Candidate List, as follows -

1. Andrew Jordan, 2. Kathrine Jones, 3. David Lloyd Jones, 4. Liz Screen.

March 2014 - SLP Statement - Party Welcomes Councillor Jim McDermott.

Our warmest welcome is extended to Councillor Jim McDermott who has joined the SLP after resigning from Labour.

Jim, who has represented the Eastbury ward of Barking and Dagenham since 2006, tells us he feels the Labour Party in Barking has over many years been taken over by people ‘following a different political agenda’ not consistent with the principles he believed the party represented when he joined it fifty years ago.

As an SLP councillor we believe Jim will be free to speak out more openly in support of the interests and needs of his electors as indeed it is his wish to do.

His actions demonstrate integrity, and a concern for the benefit of others over self which is rare in politics these days.

If you share the concerns of Jim McDermott and many others, who are disgusted by the brutal capitalism that is scarring our society and our world, take the first step. Join Us!

Kim Singleton, SLP General Secretary.

March 2014 - Ukraine where neo-Nazis backed by Western Regimes provoke World War Two déjà vous.

The similarities between events during the Second World War and the current upheavals are very striking. The Nazis were keen to grab this ‘bread basket’ area of the Soviet Union. The current interest shown by the Western regimes is again connected with grabbing ever diminishing world resources as well as putting a further dagger at the throat of nuclear power Russia.

The Germans, for instance are pouring resources into the destabilisation of the Ukraine and are apparently funding the efforts of the politically right wing boxer Klitschko. The same old discredited political interfering figures of the right such as Labour’s Baronness Ashton and Nato’s Rasmussen can’t wait to get to Kiev quickly enough whilst Hague has his usual dirty sticky fingers in the meddling pie.

The reporting on this neo Fascist interference is amazing, however. As commentator Nick Wright has stated on TV, the Channel 4 coverage, especially that of Matt Frei has been totally pro the fascist attackers of the Ukraine regime. The BBC commentators, especially David Stern but also Steven Mulvey, have gone so far as to call the Ukraine based Nazi collaborators of World War Two ‘patriots’.

With wall to wall coverage of the far right Nigel Farage and his weird bunch also being bombarded at us, we have to ask in what way we are ever going to get the remotest of fair coverage from BBC, Channel 4 and all the capitalist media in Britain with their obvious pro fascist leanings.

February 2014 - Effort put in by the British working class is making the wealthy much richer and themselves poorer.

Because of the ridiculously low wage rates that operate in today’s Britain, the rich business owners, shareholders etc. are benefitting greatly whilst the workers themselves are sinking further and further into debt and squalor. The fact is that the inadequate minimum wage rate is not a ‘living’ wage.

The borrowing necessary to keep heads ‘above water’ in some cases does not even allow for adequate supplies of food for workers and their families. These people are therefore going hungry along with others relying on inadequate benefits or those whose subsistence payments have been delayed or stopped. No wonder that the upper echelons of the clergy are reflecting the views from below that the vicious policies of the regime are causing widespread misery and starvation. In this case, the response chimes with our own socialist perspective.

Why are the wage rates in Britain so pathetic? As Seumas Milne and others have indicated, the backwards trajectory of British wage rates can be traced directly to the stabbing in the back of the vanguard union of the movement, the NUM, back in the 1980’s. This backstabbing was largely at the hands of the TUC and the Labour Party. They were acting on behalf of the wealthy British capitalist class. This was at the time that the vicious Thatcher regime was waging war with the NUM. The outrageous, murderous, vindictive treatment handed out to the miners and their communities verified the belief that the Tories really were the ‘nasty’ party. When, therefore, current Tory and LibDem spokespersons say that benefit changes are ‘well meant’ and to ‘help’ the poor, we can, with our experience, take them with large pinches of salt, recognising them for the cynical lies that they are. The capitalist elite in Britain really are a malevolent bunch of thugs imbued with moral vacuums.

The slimy LibDem minister, Danny Alexander made flippant remarks recently, in front of a questioning committee, to the effect that ‘ I’m sure we are all agreed on the need for GDP growth’. On the face of it this sounds plausible enough. There are two big reasons for arguing with this generalisation, however. The first is the environmental one that if increased GDP is detrimental to the environment (as in the case of grotesque fracking operations), then the assumption fails. The second is that the production of a larger economic ‘cake’ does not automatically benefit the main producers of it, i.e. the British workers. In fact, records show that the share of the existing ‘cake’ is falling for the British working class and a larger overall economy may lead to even less being available for the most deserving. That is the way the capitalist system is designed and works i.e. for the benefit of the less than one per cent.

February 2014 - ConDem, Tory , Labour and Nationalist British capitalist regimes show utter contempt for the needs of the masses and their environment.

Here we are in 2014 and large parts of our Country find themselves cut off from power and without vital transport links. With the loss of the link via Dawlish in Devon, large areas of that County as well as the whole of Cornwall have no rail connection with the rest of the Country. Nature has continually threatened this stretch of rail for years but it seems that successive regimes have done next to nothing to ensure its survival. The illogical transport thinking has also included the shutting of Plymouth airport in 2011.

The backward transport planning by capitalist British regimes probably reached its height with the Beeching closures of huge swathes of rail communications under Tory and Labour administrations in the 1960’s. Much of Devon and Cornwall’s rail links were disposed of at this time so that North Cornwall and North Devon have no main line stations. If the Beeching axe had not gained political approval, the isolation of these areas would be of less consequence. The fact is that the people of Britain were treated with contempt by these policies.

We have seen the British winter’s disruption of power for thousands of people. The privatised power companies should have been thinking more about securing supplies rather than blatant financial exploitation in order to benefit their shareholders. The only realistic answer to overcome the power problems would be for the British working class to reclaim these exploiting companies without compensation and the large scale introduction of clean coal and other SLP favoured technologies.

The current unhappiness with the regime’s inaction in the Somerset levels is also a consequence of ineptitude and lack of consideration for the local inhabitants. The head of the Environment Agency, the political ‘placeman’ Lord Chris Smith of ‘Blairite’ notoriety was brought in to oversee the huge devastation of Britain with fracking operations. His only other concern, along with the ConDems, has been to implement European directives on the environment which have little bearing on the needs of the British population. No control of Business operations and their often devastating impact on climate change figures in this ultra pro capitalist and free trade agenda. The British Minister supposedly supervising our living environment, Patterson, in fact denies any climate change. The total incompetence of successive capitalist regimes in this Country does not bode well for our futures. Meanwhile, the tax dodger, Farage puts himself up as the main opposition spokeperson on the problems in Somerset. With his obvious pro-business UKIP political agenda, we can see the height of the hypocrisy involved. With the nationalist parties, including Salmond’s SNP also dancing to the EU’s tune, it is clear that the ‘green’ socialist agenda of the Socialist Labour Party is required more urgently than ever.

November 2013 - Socialist News Returns!

The SLP paper, Socialist News, has returned and is now available for purchase online via MagCloud.

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