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June 2014 - PREVIEW - Arthur Scargill Orgreave interview.

Preview of the full interview with Arthur Scargill on the 30th anniversary of The Battle of Orgreave.

June 2014 - Parts of Britain hit by giant wave of media pollution.

Many families within the UK have been shocked to receive polluted filth through their letter boxes over the past few days. The source of this contamination was the Murdoch empire and specifically its politically sinister production called the ‘Sun’. Apparently, 22 million copies of this ‘rag’ were put through the letter boxes of unsuspecting, unprotected British families.

The purpose of this invasion of our domestic tranquillity appears to be some sort of politically motivated right-wing jingoism. Supporting this stunt has been the Labour leader Ed Miliband whose cringe-worthy pose holding the source of the pollution has caused bitter comment throughout the Country.

We have seen the removal of parts of the Amazon rain forest in order to accommodate the new ‘World Cup’ football stadiums and mother earth has obviously yielded up yet more rainforest in order to source this widespread Murdoch empire induced media pollution.

June 2014 - Ken's Walks (Part 2+3).

June 2014 - If they think that the working class is going to disappear then they are sorely delusional.

The late 1970’s saw the Labour Callaghan government attack the trade union movement to the extent that it caused the reaction of a ‘winter of discontent’.

The working class would not support the re-election of these reactionaries which enabled the similarly right wing Thatcher regime into power.

In an article concerning falsities in Keynesian economic thinking produced by the ‘New Statesman’ magazine of 6-12 June 2014, Paul Mason has referred to this period of British history. Paul Mason is the former economics editor of BBC ‘Newsnight’ and currently Culture and Digital Editor of Channel 4 News.

A paragraph from his article reads ‘In the late 1970s the ruling elite of the west decided that capitalism could not coexist with organised labour. Their project- beginning in Japan, then Britain and the US and pulling in Germany by 2002 – was to weaken labour’s pricing power strategically. The result is rising inequality in developed societies: every recovery brings a new rise in income for the rich but not the poor. The middle class is hollowed out’.

Now we don’t accept Mason’s class analysis since we recognise only the two sections of ‘working class’ and ‘ruling class’ by their relationship to the ownership and control of the means of production, distribution and exchange.

We would like to know the names of those ‘ruling elite figures’ who made these stinking decisions to attack the working class so that we can take measures of retribution in due course. We can, however, give a good guess at some of them! We would also question why none of this thinking has ever emerged on the BBC or elsewhere.

But what this does point out are the reasons for the vicious attacks perpetrated by the Labour and Tory regimes upon the British Trade movement in the late 1970’s and into the 1980’s which culminated in the state sponsored Tory terrorist devastation of Britain’s mining communities in 1984-5. The NUM backbone of Britain’s trade union movement was left dislocated.

The article states the belief that capitalism cannot coexist with organised labour. Now there is a historic precedent for two elements in society at each others’ throats and that is the tussle between the ‘aristocracy’ and ‘sans culottes’ of the French revolutionary period. Perhaps today’s financial elite need to be reminded of which section of society emerged on top in this period. We could say in terms of the modern era that the bankers and bosses’ class should be aware that ‘we, the working class, are not the ones who are going away’.

May 2014 - SLP maintains its prominent position on the left.

Following the release of most UK election results, it is clear that the SLP remains the most potent force electorally on the left of British politics. Although election turnouts were abysmal in Britain (reflecting the general disillusionment with capitalism and the political system), the European election result in Wales left our Party with roughly twice the vote of NO2EU and well ahead of other socialist opposition. Our vote amounted here to 4,459.This is despite the normal capitalist media blackout afforded to our Party. Compared to this was the almost incessant wall to wall coverage given to the right wing party UKIP, led by tax dodging stockbroker Farage. EU turnout overall in Britain was about 34%- a disgrace!

Elsewhere, with local elections, in South Yorkshire, Terry Robinson received 8.47% and Frank Watson 8.97% . In the Midlands at Handsworth Wood, John Tyrrell achieved 6.64%, beating the LibDem candidate. In the North West at Sefton, Barbara Bryan received 6.32% and beat the Tory candidate.

We are grateful to all our candidates for their hard work and dedication in the face of the wet blanket of Establishment imposed silence regarding our efforts.

The one means of breaking through this main media blackout was, of course, our Welsh EU broadcast and again, thanks must go to all involved in its production. The great inspiration emerging from these European elections was the terrific win by Syriza in Greece, the excellent performance of the United Left in Spain , and radical left success in Portugal, Italy, Slovakia and elsewhere. These results show that radical anti Establishment protest parties of the left, which totally reject austerity, can have terrific electoral success.

May 2014 - The Socialist Labour Party - European Parliamentary Election - Wales Broadcast

To view the broadcast - click here.

May 2014 - Naive belief that being part of the EU is bringing peace.

The Green Party have one or two policies with which we have sympathy, for example their principled opposition to fracking. They are, however, campaigning in these European elections for a pro- membership position with regard to the undemocratic EU. A major reason stated by their spokespersons is that membership of the organisation is bringing peace. We completely contest this view of the situation.

Going back a few years, we can recall the support given by German Green Party politicians for the Nato bombing of former Yugoslavia and particularly its Serbian population. The armed attacks upon the former socialist country of Yugoslavia by western capitalist forces and the associated propaganda ultimately led to its break up and resultant ongoing instability.

More recently, we have seen the EU backed support for the fascist coup in the Ukraine (with Labour’s Baroness Ashton playing a prominent part). This again has been coordinated with help from the United States and Nato. This is despite President Reagan’s promises to Gorbachev that Nato would not have any future involvement in the countries of the former Soviet Union.

This support for fascist violence in Europe is likely to become even worse as the fascist politicians in the European Union receive the backing of big business funding and the subservient capitalist media. The European Union is also pushing for a European Army controlled by the Organisation- an idea previously exploited by one Adolf Hitler.

The involvement of the EU states and the tie-up with multiple Nato aggressions as in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. mean that the Greens and any other political parties are either naively mislead or else wilfully blind to the inherent aggressive and warmongering nature of the European Union. We must get out of this organisation as well as Nato before any further damage can be inflicted upon innocent populations. The devastation of the aggressions is to enable western backed corporations to snap up the assets of the victim states at knock down prices. The evil bankers and banks such as Rothschilds , JP Morgan, Barclays etc. which have benefitted from warfare (including in Europe) for many generations should have their influence over political matters and our lives expunged once and for all! They are a significant part of the capitalist elites which are our class enemies.

May 2014 - The Socialist Labour Party provides the only full-blooded left opposition to the Capitalist run EU.

The European elections are just round the corner and once again we see the emergence of temporary alliances on the so-called ‘left’, with their predominately single issue politics and wishy-washy slogans giving, at best, insipid opposition to Britain’s role within the EU. This opportunistic, half-hearted opposition is clustering around groups such as Socialist Alliance, TUSC and NO2EU. They are, apparently, under roughly the same political umbrella. We believe that this sort of sporadic, single issue politics is limited in its ambition and lacks the necessary political impact.

These name-change loving elements are temporary coalitions and do nothing but deflect from the efforts of genuine, robust Socialist Labour opposition not only to the European bosses club known as the EU but to advancing the cause of World Socialism.

What is clearly needed in Britain is a genuine, unified party of the left with a robust constitution, competent, visionary, progressive leadership and an all embracing manifesto. The Socialist Labour Party offers this example.

As a party we are against the uncontrolled movement of labour and capital and wish to trade with the whole world without EU restriction, especially since as a country we were taken in to the EU under false pretences. We were told it was just to be a trading union, but it has now morphed into a political one. This contrasts with UKIP which believes only in control of Labour movement within the EU and would continue to allow capitalism and big business free rein to exploit workers all over Europe. The single issue parties of the so-called ‘left’ on the other hand are against any restrictions on movement of labour within the EU and as we have seen this is depressing British wages.

May 2014 - Britain needs to reverse the actions of the capitalist filth .

It has been said that you can tell when a capitalist politician is lying- their mouth will be open! We have been inundated with lies from these people and their slimy, sweaty appearances cannot be concealed from our view. LibDem finance and treasury spokespersons spring readily to mind.

In recent times, we have had claims from the capitalists that the sale of Royal Mail was above board when in fact the whole thing stitched up the public who theoretically owned it. The financiers in the ‘know’ made huge gains (estimates of one billion pounds) at our expense, as a result of being in cahoots with the capitalist politicians. The privatisation of British Telecommunications and British Rail services were also financially devastating for the working class. The same scenario is being lined up with the continuing privatisation of the NHS. Many of these privatisations were, of course, begun under Labour governments.

What the British public want is the taking into public ownership of institutions such as our Post Office and Royal Mail services as well as our Railway services along with other important industries and institutions. In order to reverse the historic wrongs wrought upon our working classes, however, we should instigate the privatisation of losses and the taking into public coffers of any formerly private profits involved in these actions. Any gains made by hedge funds, banks , financiers etc. involved in the privatisations of public assets should come back into the hands of the working class. We need to reverse the injustices of generations of capitalist oppression upon our class.

May 2014 - Obituary: Tommy Winkle.

Comrades in the North West region and elsewhere have been paying fulsome tribute to Comrade Tommy Winkle one of the SLPs earliest members who died on Saturday 26th April.

A lifelong socialist, Tommy endured discrimination in the work place and blacklisting outside the workplace as a result of his activities as a union organizer, most notably during his time as a shop steward at Shell in Ellesmere Port.

According to party comrade, Kenny Spain, should the works foreman ignore the rules and try to force the workers to work in the rain Tommy would check every puddle to ensure not a droplet was missed.

The anger roused in Tommy when the political blacklist stopped him getting work did not turn inwards but outwards into a passion for justice and for the right of every worker to be valued as a unique human being.

Kenny, a lifelong friend of Tommy, remembers a man who was ‘always pleased to see you’ and wanted to listen, and to know all about you, an assessment shared by Comrade Pat Goodwin from Southport who recalls Tommy’s extraordinary political knowledge and vision and the stimulating and interesting company he provided.

Kenny Spain marched with Tommy in the seventies against unemployment and the Tory Industrial Relations Act and throughout the eighties in support of the miners and other workers fighting Thatcherism.

He remembers an incident on a cold, windy February day when they discovered at the end of a march to the Pier Head that their alarming blue hands were in fact a result of paint running down the poles holding the home made banner. It was he recalls a hugely impressive piece of artwork depicting images of workers which needed four men to carry it.

Until only a few months ago Tommy was contributing at meetings of the North West region and maintained contact until the end of his life, keeping up with party events. In spite of illness he sent a donation very recently to the SLP EU fund and checked to make sure we got the money.

With Pat Goodwin and others he continued also with his work campaigning for pensioners rights.

I am privileged to have known you Tommy but I leave the last word to Kenny.

‘He was a big man but never the bully. In fact he was just the opposite having no time for liars who claimed credit for something they hadn't done. I’m pleased that I met him all those years ago. Goodbye Comrade Tommy’.

Kim Singleton, General Secretary.

April 2014 - The sleaze factory needs a complete overhaul.

With the Maria Miller fiasco reverberating throughout Britain, it is high time to repeat the call for a complete overhaul of the British political system and the removal of all the capitalist M.P’s who do nothing but trail their noses in the trough of public revenues.

It has been reported that the Minister with Japanese ‘fascist’ genes, i.e. Duncan –Smith had been invited onto the Andrew Marr show on Sunday in order to further put the boot into those poor unfortunates in Britain receiving meagre benefits. Because of the gains made at tax payers’ expense (said to be a million pounds on property alone) by Maria Miller, the Duncan –Smith attack had to be held back.

As has been said by members of the British public, if the recipient of a fraction of the gains had been a benefit claimant, then they would be likely to end up in jail. Miller doesn’t even lose her seat as an M.P. and has received a pay-off for being sacked.

The reason so many Members of Parliament and other legislators in Britain are so untrustworthy is because of the nature of the electoral system. Corrupt big business operations are financing the electoral campaigns on a huge scale of all the capitalist parties including Labour, UKIP, Nationalist, Tory, LibDem etc. No wonder the recipients of this corrupt backing are in turn themselves so unsavoury in character.

Nigel Farage of UKIP has been promoted on the air waves again in order to comment on the debacle but he has no leg to stand on since he has evaded large amounts of tax himself (as well as receiving millions in political expenses). Labour can’t comment much since their track record on expenses is atrocious.

The bankers also manage to escape custodial sentences after large scale irregularities but a British benefit claimant in jail would, in the future (as proposed by another seemingly fascist Minister, Grayling) be likely to lose the right to read books in jail. What sort of feudalistic society do these numbskull capitalist politicians want to take us back to?

November 2013 - Socialist News Returns!

The SLP paper, Socialist News, has returned and is now available for purchase online via MagCloud.

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