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September 2014 - Warmongers Inc.

By 1944 it was obvious that the Soviet Union was winning the war and the pace of their march towards the Western coasts of Europe panicked the British and American forces into launching the ‘D’Day invasion in order to prevent Soviet forces from dominating the whole of mainland Europe.

At the end of the Second World War, Churchill and other Western imperialists were adamant that confrontation was again necessary between the ‘West’ and the USSR and so we had the ‘Iron Curtain’ speech and the establishment of NATO - an organisation set up to keep the Soviet sphere of influence in check.

Logically, therefore, with the political decision by the naive and idiotic Soviet leadership to dissolve the Soviet system in 1991, then the need for NATO also disappeared. Agreement was reached with the former Soviets that in no way would NATO encroach upon former Soviet territories. In practice, the eastward expansion of NATO has known no bounds. Again, in order to justify its existence and the huge armament industries of the West, NATO has been instrumental in causing conflict wherever its tentacles have reached.

It has been the tool of Western/Zionist aggression in actions against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria etc.etc. Unfortunately, wherever it has intervened, it has left complete chaos in its wake. After arming the Taliban against the USSR in Afghanistan, the armed insurgents turned upon their sponsors. Again, after arming the insurgents in Syria, they also have turned.

We in the SLP do not wish to be part of this non stop aggression organisation which has caused so much trouble. Just as France once had a principled stand of not being part of NATO (reversed under various American poodle leaderships including the present), so Britain should distance itself.

We currently have the idiotic position of NATO being deeply involved in the Fascist regime in Kiev which has brutally set about its own population in the East of Ukraine. We even have reports (not mentioned in the Western capitalist media) of Kiev’s planes shooting down a Malaysian airliner. We therefore have to raise the two questions: Firstly, why is NATO interfering in former Soviet territories? Secondly, why is there a NATO organisation still in existence? Surely, World policing should be done by a United Nations force, not one under the influence of the West’s less than one per cent unprincipled elite who also control over 70% of media coverage/propaganda.

September 2014 - Arthur Scargill at Orgreave 2014 - Video.


September 2014 - Power to the people – not the bosses and their international ‘kleptocratic’ and undemocratic organisations .

The Western powers, including the US and the EU, are proposing extensions to the powers of corporations and big business individuals to take elected governments to court if the said governments do not accede to the wishes of the capitalists. The extension of these powers would enable international companies to sue governments of whichever countries have signed up to the new regulations. These new arrangements are termed ISDS or Investor-State Dispute Settlements.

The balance of power is already grossly in favour of the undemocratic, international corporations. Their assets, in many cases, far exceed the GDP’s of the countries in which they operate. This is especially true of oil companies operating in Africa. Furthermore, we have seen in Britain how large corporations switch their resources and operations around the globe in order to avoid paying taxes. The wealth distribution throughout the globe is becoming more and more extreme between the obscenely rich few and the poverty stricken many.

We, in the SLP, call for the halting of the ‘free’ movement of capital and labour in order to partly deal with these problems. Since the capitalist system is based on ideas such as the limited liability of companies, which enable them to dodge their financial liabilities, we can see the obvious need to rewrite legislation. It is commonplace in the US for fracking companies to extract very short term gas reserves, make a quick ‘killing’ and then declare themselves bankrupt , leaving the public to clean up the environmental mess left from the operations.

We can also envisage British governments being sued by these kleptocrat companies because they have not been up to speed in privatising public assets such as the NHS or not enabling the companies and unscrupulous individuals to make big enough profits. Since the Labour Party in power began many of the privatisations, then there is a cross-capitalist party alliance in Britain backing widespread privatisation for the benefit of the few.

Britain is clearly in need of socialist reorganisation in order to take back huge swathes of our assets into public ownership. We can envisage the opposition from foreign predatory capitalist governments and the obvious need for trading connections to likeminded socialist governments throughout the world when we eventually have a government in Britain that represents the best interests of our working class.

August 2014 - Hypocrisy and double standards from British media.

The Western regime provoked military conflicts that are currently underway are causing various humanitarian crises. There is an obvious need for aid to be sent to the suffering civilian populations involved. The need for such help is receiving very differing coverage from the British media, however.

The BBC is giving a great deal of coverage to groups like the Yezidis people and the Turkmen caught up in the fighting in Iraq. As the state propaganda unit of the British regime, there has been a concentration upon the need for aid to go to these peoples who we had previously heard very little of. This should be contrasted with the distinct lack of calls for large scale humanitarian aid for the Zionist purged inhabitants of Gaza or for the Eastern Ukrainian civilians being bombed and attacked by the NATO backed fascist regime in Kiev. These particular attacks remind us of the attacks from Franco’s forces, with Nazi German support, upon the Spanish republicans of Guernica etc. in the 1930’s.

The BBC has gone so far as to call into question whether the Russian aid convoy to Eastern Ukraine is in fact carrying humanitarian aid. This is despite checks upon the contents from Red Cross etc. Surely, any organisation with the least fragment of humanity should welcome civilian aid in war torn areas, whatever the source. The BBC’s record with regard to the truth, impartiality and morality do not, however, bear close scrutiny bearing in mind decades of scandals and falsifications.

August 2014 - Irresistible momentum towards the logic of socialism.

Having made so many disastrous military interventions throughout the world and especially in the Middle East, the capitalist western regimes are once more increasing their interventions in Iraq. Blair is widely recognised as having brought recent heavy British involvement, through lying propaganda, in 2003. Iraq, as are so many countries including Libya, is now in a far more destabilised situation than before western intervention. The twin reasons for the military adventurism in the Middle East have been, firstly, to protect oil interests and secondly, to trash those states potentially threatening to Israel. British political leaders, including Cameron, still cannot bring themselves to reveal these truths so that excuses include protection of ‘tribes’ that we have never heard of before. To the extent that trashing of states has been an objective of Western regimes’ policies (with the Zionist lobby prominent), then they have, of course, been successful.

There have, however, been unforeseen consequences of these destabilising policies. Take the case, for example, of the Kurdish PKK with its Marxist principles. It has been classified by many Western regimes, including the British, as a terrorist organisation. Since it has now become especially useful to the West on the Middle Eastern chessboard, it has now been welcomed by Obama as being a religiously ‘tolerant’ organisation and is being supplied with light arms. This seems to be an historical parallel with the need for Britain and America to side with their former ‘enemy’, the USSR during World War 11. History has a habit of promoting the logic of socialism when the World’s capitalist leadership would instinctively wish to head us down the path towards insanity.


The National Executive Committee of the Socialist Labour Party condemns without reservation the latest massacre in Gaza by the Israeli Army.

The SLP rejects the corporate narrative that says western powers are entitled to dominate, destabilize or destroy sovereign states while calling those resisting occupation or oppression ‘terrorists’.

Israeli violence against Palestine, including bombing, occupation, assassination, kidnapping and blockade are routine. Flowing from its colonial heritage and values, Israel needs to contain permanently the aspirations of the Palestinian people which it does not see as the equal of its own.

We do not therefore regard the current assault on the territory as ‘provoked’.

We hold the western powers ultimately responsible for the crimes committed historically against the Palestinian people and against the peoples of neighbouring states by their proxy, Israel.

We call upon the community of independent states to unite in support of the principle of self determination which applies without discrimination to the people of Palestine as a whole including those displaced.

National Executive Committee Socialist Labour Party 29th July 2014

July 2014 - SLP members fly the flag at Tolpuddle.

slp at tolpuddle 1 slp at tolpuddle 2

July 2014 - Sickening uniformity of orchestrated western media.

The two main stories covered by western capitalist media over the past week or two have been connected with the rascist, fascist blitzing of Palestinian civilians by the Zionists in Israel and events surrounding the ongoing support for the imposed fascist junta operating in western Ukraine.

As has been pointed out repeatedly in alternative media, the views thrust down our throats by the barrage of ‘Goebbels type’ western capitalist propaganda, reflect the views of the ‘less than one per cent’ of the financial and Establishment elite. Unfortunately, for these grotesque individuals with their perverted views, the ordinary people of Britain do not buy into the non-stop propaganda. Instead, our population should have truthful outlets of news to refer to. The mass of tabloid and broadsheet headlines should occasionally try to give balanced reporting. The broadcasting media, including the BBC, Channel 4 news etc. should, one would have thought, have a public duty to try and tell the truth.

Instead, they openly boast about their top executives being Zionist supporters, just as are the lying, self–serving, capitalist politicians at the apex of our class stultified Parliamentary system.

June 2014 - PREVIEW - Arthur Scargill Orgreave interview.

Preview of the full interview with Arthur Scargill on the 30th anniversary of The Battle of Orgreave.

June 2014 - Parts of Britain hit by giant wave of media pollution.

Many families within the UK have been shocked to receive polluted filth through their letter boxes over the past few days. The source of this contamination was the Murdoch empire and specifically its politically sinister production called the ‘Sun’. Apparently, 22 million copies of this ‘rag’ were put through the letter boxes of unsuspecting, unprotected British families.

The purpose of this invasion of our domestic tranquillity appears to be some sort of politically motivated right-wing jingoism. Supporting this stunt has been the Labour leader Ed Miliband whose cringe-worthy pose holding the source of the pollution has caused bitter comment throughout the Country.

We have seen the removal of parts of the Amazon rain forest in order to accommodate the new ‘World Cup’ football stadiums and mother earth has obviously yielded up yet more rainforest in order to source this widespread Murdoch empire induced media pollution.

June 2014 - Ken's Walks (Part 2+3).

June 2014 - If they think that the working class is going to disappear then they are sorely delusional.

The late 1970’s saw the Labour Callaghan government attack the trade union movement to the extent that it caused the reaction of a ‘winter of discontent’.

The working class would not support the re-election of these reactionaries which enabled the similarly right wing Thatcher regime into power.

In an article concerning falsities in Keynesian economic thinking produced by the ‘New Statesman’ magazine of 6-12 June 2014, Paul Mason has referred to this period of British history. Paul Mason is the former economics editor of BBC ‘Newsnight’ and currently Culture and Digital Editor of Channel 4 News.

A paragraph from his article reads ‘In the late 1970s the ruling elite of the west decided that capitalism could not coexist with organised labour. Their project- beginning in Japan, then Britain and the US and pulling in Germany by 2002 – was to weaken labour’s pricing power strategically. The result is rising inequality in developed societies: every recovery brings a new rise in income for the rich but not the poor. The middle class is hollowed out’.

Now we don’t accept Mason’s class analysis since we recognise only the two sections of ‘working class’ and ‘ruling class’ by their relationship to the ownership and control of the means of production, distribution and exchange.

We would like to know the names of those ‘ruling elite figures’ who made these stinking decisions to attack the working class so that we can take measures of retribution in due course. We can, however, give a good guess at some of them! We would also question why none of this thinking has ever emerged on the BBC or elsewhere.

But what this does point out are the reasons for the vicious attacks perpetrated by the Labour and Tory regimes upon the British Trade movement in the late 1970’s and into the 1980’s which culminated in the state sponsored Tory terrorist devastation of Britain’s mining communities in 1984-5. The NUM backbone of Britain’s trade union movement was left dislocated.

The article states the belief that capitalism cannot coexist with organised labour. Now there is a historic precedent for two elements in society at each others’ throats and that is the tussle between the ‘aristocracy’ and ‘sans culottes’ of the French revolutionary period. Perhaps today’s financial elite need to be reminded of which section of society emerged on top in this period. We could say in terms of the modern era that the bankers and bosses’ class should be aware that ‘we, the working class, are not the ones who are going away’.

November 2013 - Socialist News Returns!

The SLP paper, Socialist News, has returned and is now available for purchase online via MagCloud.

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