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Laws have been created over the centuries by some human beings for the purpose of controlling other human beings. In Britain, the legal system has been systematically used to hold down struggles against unemployment, poverty, war and racism. It also ignores and denies many basic human rights.

The Socialist Labour Party wants a complete overhaul of Britain's justice system. We are committed to a written Constitution which sets out clearly the human rights and civil liberties of all who reside here

Proper legal representation, a fair hearing and a fair opportunity to put your case - these rights should be available to all, not just a privileged few.

Plans to end the right to trial by jury are an attack on civil liberties and human rights. These plans seeks to reverse a right won over centuries of struggle for a person to be judged by his or her peers rather than a single Judge who has in all likelihood come from a privileged background based in the main on the Oxbridge universities.

We cannot allow the right to trial by jury to be taken away, and our Party will not only defend that right, but campaign to reverse any measures introduced which seek to erode it. The Socialist Labour Party opposes the draconian measures currently being pursued by the Government to arrest and detain people without evidence and without charge. If this measure is not opposed, it will reverse those hard-won rights which have taken centuries to achieve. We would therefore abolish the Anti-terrorism Act 2000 and adhere to the European Convention on Human Rights.

By bringing in full employment and wiping out poverty, Socialist policies would create the basis for a completely different kind of society - a society fit for all youngsters to grow up in. Socialist policies in effect would wipe out the basic causes of violence and crime. In turn, there would no longer be a need for much of Britain's costly law and order procedures, so that in terms of reforming the legal system, our policies would pay for themselves.