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The Socialist Labour Party is firmly committed to a written Constitution which incorporates a democratic proportional representation voting system. Proportional representation, like common ownership, is a Socialist demand. It was a demand supported by outstanding Socialists such as Keir Hardie, John McLean and James Connolly, and for years formed a cornerstone of Socialist demands for a democratic electoral system in Britain. If Britain had introduced a fair proportional representation system at the end of the Second World War, no Tory government would ever have been elected.

Our Party is committed to the dissolution of the monarchy and its replacement with a democratically elected Head of State. At the same time we want to see the complete abolition of the antiquated, unelected, undemocratic House of Lords which has no place in a modern society.

A written Constitution should embody all individual and collective rights so that Judges would implement and not interpret the Constitution; this, together with a Bill of Rights, would allow a fair democratic system in which people could determine what type of Constitution we should have and then ensure that it is at all times upheld in the interests of us all.