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Art & Sport

Everyone by right should be able to take part in and experience music, dance, drama and the visual arts including painting and sculpture. Observing and/or participating in all art forms enriches our own lives, our understanding of one another and thus of our society.

Under capitalism, however, the arts are governed by money interests which exclude most of us from sharing in these experiences.

The same is true of sport, which is now totally under the thumb of big business and sponsorship pressures.

Under capitalism, the talents of millions go unrecognised and undeveloped, adding to the frustrations of individual lives and contributing to an unhappy, unstable society.

The Socialist Labour Party believes that sport and the arts belong to all of us, and should be funded and managed so that from early childhood everyone has the chance to discover and develop our creative interests and potential, not just for our own pleasure but to help us to contribute more to the world around us.

Theatre, dance, music and the visual arts should be part of every community's life, linked to our schools and welfare provision for people of all ages - and linked to libraries and local museums as well.

The butchery of local and branch libraries is one of the worst social crimes committed over the past 20 years and it must stop. Community libraries, including mobile libraries, museums and art galleries must be re-established.

Likewise, community-based sports facilities must be regenerated, available to all our children, and to adults as well (it's time to stop New Labour selling off school playing fields which by right are an integral part of each community).

Government funding should be provided so that these basic facilities are available to all sections within our society.